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Haode intelligent display refrigerator, a new choice for technological life

Haode intelligent display refrigerator, a new choice for technological life

The smart display refrigerator launched by Haode brand integrates technology and life. The HD display displays the status of the refrigerator in real time, connects to the mobile phone, and is easy to control.

Advanced refrigeration technology ensures food preservation for a long time, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly design saves you electricity. The appearance is fashionable and generous, and the interior space is spacious to meet various needs. Choose haode Smart display refrigerator to make your life more convenient and intelligent, and enjoy the wonderful experience brought by technology!

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Transparent display, attractting attention

Transparent display, attractting attention

The display refrigerator has become the focus of commercial places with its transparent display design. Through its clear glass door, customers can clearly see the refrigerated products displayed inside. Whether they are fresh fruits, vegetables, various cold drinks, or dairy products, they all present attractive colors and textures.

This intuitive display method not only facilitates customers' selection, but also greatly increases the attractiveness of the products. At the same time, the LED lighting system of the display refrigerator provides sufficient light for the products, allowing them to shine in the refrigerator, creating an elegant and comfortable shopping environment for the store.

Flexible customization to meet individual needs

Flexible customization to meet individual needs

The display refrigerator not only has powerful functions, but also provides personalized customization services. Merchants can choose display refrigerators of different sizes, colors and configurations according to their own store decoration style and needs. Whether it is a large supermarket or a small convenience store, you can find a refrigerated display cabinet that suits you.

At the same time, display refrigerator also supports customized display rack and shelf design, allowing merchants to flexibly adjust according to the characteristics and size of the products to achieve the best display effect. This kind of personalized service makes display refrigerator an important tool for merchants to enhance their business image and attract customers.

Humanized design, easy to operate

Humanized design, easy to operate

The design of display refrigerator fully considers the user experience. Its user-friendly operation interface allows merchants to easily set and adjust the temperature to achieve intelligent management.

At the same time, the display refrigerator also has a variety of safety protection functions, such as overload protection, leakage protection, etc., to ensure safety and reliability during use. In addition, its internal space layout is reasonable, making it easier for merchants to place and access products, improving work efficiency.

Efficient refrigeration, excellent quality

Efficient refrigeration, excellent quality

The display refrigerator adopts advanced refrigeration technology, which can quickly reach and maintain the set temperature, ensuring that refrigerated goods are stored in a suitable environment. Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, it can provide a stable refrigeration environment for goods to maintain their freshness and taste.

In addition, the display refrigerator also has a precise temperature control system. Merchants can flexibly adjust according to the characteristics of the products to ensure that each product can be presented to customers in the best condition.

We Have The Best Solutions for Your Business

Foshan Haode Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-end commercial cold chain equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. As the leading refrigerator manufacturer in the industry, we always adhere to the spirit of ingenuity to create every refrigerator product.

We mainly produce vending machines, open door cabinets, frozen display cabinets, frozen cabinets, full-screen cabinets, kitchen cabinets, display cabinets, cold storage, custom cabinets and series of commercial freezers. We select high-quality materials, combined with advanced refrigeration technology, to provide you with excellent performance and stable quality of the refrigerator. It not only looks fashionable, but also has an excellent fresh-keeping effect, so that your ingredients can stay fresh for a long time.

The company has passed iso9001, ISO14001, 3C, CE and other qualification certification, and has 48 related patents! Choose Haode, choose quality and trust, make your life better.

Why Choose Haode

Industrial Freezer

Robust & efficient, our industrial freezer ensures quick freezing for large-scale food storage.

Showcase Freezer

Attractive & functional, our showcase freezer keeps food chilled while enhancing your store's visual appeal.

Display Freezer

User-friendly & energy-saving, our display freezer offers a convenient way to showcase frozen food while maintaining its freshness.

Display Refrigerator

Stylish & practical, our display refrigerator preserves food freshness and adds a touch of elegance to any retail space.


What users say about Haode

The industrial freezer is amazing! It freezes our products quickly and efficiently, perfect for our large-scale food storage needs.


John Smith

I love the showcase freezer! It not only keeps our food chilled but also looks great in our store, attracting customers' attention.


Emily Johnson

The display freezer is so user-friendly and energy-efficient. It's a great way to showcase our frozen food while keeping it fresh and appealing.


Michael Davis

The display refrigerator is both stylish and practical. It preserves the freshness of our food while adding a modern touch to our retail space.


Olivia Williams



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Haode Intelligent display What is the intelligent display function of the refrigerator?

The HD display displays the status of the refrigerator in real time, and is connected with a smart phone to achieve remote monitoring and control.

How does this refrigerator keep fresh?

Haode intelligent display refrigerator adopts advanced refrigeration technology to ensure the long-term preservation of food and meet the requirements of enterprises for the freshness of food ingredients.

How is the energy saving and environmental protection performance of the refrigerator?

The refrigerator has an efficient and energy-saving design, which effectively reduces energy consumption and meets the enterprise's consideration of cost control and environmental protection requirements.

What is the space layout and capacity of this refrigerator?

Haode Intelligent display The internal space layout of the refrigerator is reasonable and the capacity is moderate, meeting the storage requirements of enterprises in different scenarios.

Does Haode Smart Display refrigerator provide after-sales service and technical support?

Yes, the Haode brand provides perfect after-sales service and technical support to ensure the stable operation and long-term use of the refrigerator.


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