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Smart Refrigerator Freezer - a new option for your home

Smart Refrigerator Freezer - a new option for your home

Welcome to our smart refrigerator freezer to bring a new freshness experience to your home. This freezer uses advanced refrigeration technology to ensure that the food stays fresh for a long time and does not lose nutrients.

The internal space layout of the freezer is reasonable, which can store a large number of ingredients to meet the various needs of your family. At the same time, we also pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, with efficient energy saving design.

Choose our smart silent refrigerator freezer to make your life more convenient and comfortable.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景

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Flexible customization to meet needs - personalized service of display freezer

Flexible customization to meet needs - personalized service of display freezer

The display freezer is not only powerful but also highly flexible. Merchants can choose display freezers of different sizes, colors and configurations according to their own needs and store decoration style. Whether it is a large supermarket or a small convenience store, you can find a refrigerated display cabinet that suits you. 

At the same time, display freezer also provides personalized customization services. Merchants can customize according to their own needs, making the refrigerated display cabinet and the overall image of the store more harmonious and unified. This kind of personalized service makes display freezer an important tool for merchants to enhance their business image and promote sales.

Transparent display, attracting attention - the unique charm of display freezer

Transparent display, attracting attention - the unique charm of display freezer

The display freezer has become a beautiful sight in retail stores with its unique transparent display design. Through the clear glass door, customers can have an unobstructed view of the dazzling array of frozen products in the cabinet. Whether it is tempting ice cream or delicious frozen food, they all seem to be waving to customers.

This intuitive display method not only enhances the attractiveness of products, but also greatly increases customers' desire to purchase. At the same time, the LED lighting system of the display freezer also adds a lot to the display effect. The soft light makes the products more attractive and creates a warm and comfortable shopping atmosphere for the store.

Energy saving and environmental protection—the good choice of display freezer

Energy saving and environmental protection—the good choice of display freezer

While pursuing efficient refrigeration, display freezers also focus on energy conservation and environmental protection. It uses advanced energy-saving technology and environmentally friendly materials to minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions while maintaining efficient refrigeration.

This green concept not only meets the environmental protection requirements of modern business, but also saves businesses a lot of operating costs. In addition, the display freezer also has an intelligent defrost function, which can automatically remove the frost in the cabinet, reducing maintenance costs and workload.

Haode refrigeration: your efficient insurance choice

Haode refrigeration: your efficient insurance choice

Our high-efficiency refrigerator-freezer is a premium refrigeration unit designed for modern commercial and domestic environments. It uses cutting-edge refrigeration technology to ensure long-term freshness of ingredients and no loss of nutrients.

This freezer has spacious storage space, which is not only convenient for access, but also can effectively cope with the storage challenge of large quantities of ingredients. At the same time, the high-efficiency fresh-keeping refrigerator and freezer is also equipped with an intelligent control system, which can easily monitor the operating status of the equipment and adjust the temperature at any time according to needs.

We Have The Best Solutions for Your Business

Foshan Haode Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-end commercial cold chain equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. As the leading refrigerator manufacturer in the industry, we always adhere to the spirit of ingenuity to create every refrigerator product.

We mainly produce vending machines, open door cabinets, frozen display cabinets, frozen cabinets, full-screen cabinets, kitchen cabinets, display cabinets, cold storage, custom cabinets and series of commercial freezers. We select high-quality materials, combined with advanced refrigeration technology, to provide you with excellent performance and stable quality of the refrigerator. It not only looks fashionable, but also has an excellent fresh-keeping effect, so that your ingredients can stay fresh for a long time.

The company has passed iso9001, ISO14001, 3C, CE and other qualification certification, and has 48 related patents! Choose Haode, choose quality and trust, make your life better.

Why Choose Haode

Industrial Freezer

Robust & efficient, our industrial freezer ensures quick freezing for large-scale food storage.

Showcase Freezer

Attractive & functional, our showcase freezer keeps food chilled while enhancing your store's visual appeal.

Display Freezer

User-friendly & energy-saving, our display freezer offers a convenient way to showcase frozen food while maintaining its freshness.

Display Refrigerator

Stylish & practical, our display refrigerator preserves food freshness and adds a touch of elegance to any retail space.


What users say about Haode

The industrial freezer is amazing! It freezes our products quickly and efficiently, perfect for our large-scale food storage needs.


John Smith

I love the showcase freezer! It not only keeps our food chilled but also looks great in our store, attracting customers' attention.


Emily Johnson

The display freezer is so user-friendly and energy-efficient. It's a great way to showcase our frozen food while keeping it fresh and appealing.


Michael Davis

The display refrigerator is both stylish and practical. It preserves the freshness of our food while adding a modern touch to our retail space.


Olivia Williams



Do You Have Any Question?

What is so special about the refrigeration technology of this efficient refrigerator freezer?

Our high efficiency refrigerator freezer adopts advanced refrigeration technology to ensure the best preservation of food during the freezing process, effectively extending the shelf life of ingredients and reducing wastage.

Is the internal space layout of the freezer flexible and can it meet our different types of food storage needs?

The interior space layout of the freezer has been carefully designed to be both reasonable and flexible, and can easily handle different types and quantities of food storage needs to facilitate your business operations.

In terms of energy efficiency, how energy efficient is this freezer?

We focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, and this freezer is designed with efficient energy efficiency to significantly reduce energy consumption, which is environmentally friendly and can save you operating costs.

What are the specific functions of the intelligent control system? Can you help us better manage our freezers?

 The intelligent control system has a variety of functions, including temperature monitoring, alarm prompts, etc., which can help you grasp the operating status of the freezer in real time, adjust the temperature in time, ensure that the ingredients are always in the best state, and improve management efficiency.

What kind of support do you provide for after-sales service?

We attach great importance to after-sales service and provide comprehensive support to our customers. Including regular maintenance, quick response to troubleshooting, technical consultation, etc., to ensure that your freezer is always in good running condition, for your business escort.


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